Comprehensive Health Checkup Package - Female (40 - 50 Years)

Location: Medical Centre - Nairobi Age Group: NA Gender: Female
Cost : 8,800
Consultation - Family MedicineCalcium, Serum
Dental - Consultation and DiagnosisUric Acid
Consultation DieticianGlucose, Fasting (F)
Complete Blood CountGlucose, Post Prandial (PP), 2 Hours
Blood Group (A, B, O) & RH Factor with Reverse GroupingUrine Examination, Routine, Urine, R/E
Liver Function TestPap Smear Examination
UreaX-Ray Chest PA or AP
Creatinine, Serum USG Adbomen & Pelvis
Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), UltrasensitiveECG
Cholesterol, TotalBreakfast

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