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Dr. Lini Asokan

Consultant - Dental Surgeon

Dr.Lini Asokan is a highly experienced and dedicated Dental Surgeon at Columbia Africa Healthcare in Nairobi.

She completed her Bachelors in Dental Surgery from the University of Bangalore, India in 1999 and holds a Post graduate Diploma in Clinical Research. She started her career as an Intern at MS Ramaiah Dental College, India and since then has gained extensive experience of over 15 yrs. She has worked at some reputed Institutes in different parts of India and Nairobi like the University of Nairobi, Head of the Ex-servicemen Center at the Indian Army Hospital, Cosmetic Dental Surgeon at Prasad's Multispecialty Hospital, Hyderabad and so on.

She has been instrumental in training of the Dental students at UON and the dental hygienists at the Army Center. Dr.Lini gained her management experience in heading the Dental Units at different centers. She has conducted various Dental Camps in India and Kenya.


  • Adult and Pediatric Dentistry


Total Experience: Over 15 Years

  • Clinical Demonstrator: University of Nairobi Dental School
  • Consultant Dental Surgeon : Dr. JKD Dental Surgery Nairobi
  • Dental officer In Charge : ECHS Clinic ,Indian Army
  • Cosmetic Dental Surgeon : Dr. Prasad’s Multispecialty Center, Hyderabad ,India
  • Dental Surgeon : Dr. JK Hospital Jabalpur, India

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